When Should I Have My Dentures Replaced?

After you’ve had your dentures for quite awhile, you may slowly start to notice that they can develop problems as they age, becoming worn and used as time goes on. Depending on how long you’ve had your dentures, knowing some signs of when you should have them replaced is a great idea so you can continue using your dentures unhindered by problems.

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The Signs Your Dentures Need Replaced

These are some of the crucial signs you will want to be on the lookout for so you can quickly know if your dentures could be needing replaced, so keep an eye out for these problems with your dentures.

If you begin experiencing your dentures fitting too loosely, this could be one sign that they are nearing time for replacement. Loose dentures are often a sign of bone resorption, which is simply the result of aging bones in the mouth. This issue is best fixed by realigning or completely replacing your dentures, depending on their age.

If a tooth or other part of your dentures have broken or chipped, this is another sign that you should think about replacing them soon. These artificial teeth can chip and even break depending on usage, and this could negatively impact the overall use of your dentures. Think about having them replaced if they become damaged.

Heavily stained or dirty dentures might be a sign of needing replaced, as well. Sure, you can expect them to become stained and dirty over time, but after awhile, even a professional won’t be able to restore to its former shine. A new set of dentures will allow you to flash a pearly white smile once again!

All of these signs are pointers to you needing to potentially have your dentures replaced. If you believe the time has come for your dentures to be replaced, head on over to your denture care in Nacogdoches specialist’s office today to get the problem sorted out, so you can go back to enjoying your dentures as normal.