How To Clean Your Windows

In the world of cleaning asking the question, how do you clean your windows might be one of the most basic that you would think people would naturally know.  However, when asked you will get a lot of different answers and most of them will be very basic and give you mixed results.  This is why when we asked a commercial cleaning company in Virginia Beach, VA they gave us these steps.

Remove all debris or imperfections from the windows

What this means is that if you were hanging pictures or decorations on your windows such as Christmas ornaments or inspirational signs for employees, you want them gone.  When we hang items we will use some type of tape that will leave a residue.  This is not good so it may also need to be scraped off.  Once your windows are clear you can move on to the next step.

Spray with a soap solution and allow to sit

When we wash our windows we sometimes get into a situation where we want to dive in quickly and get the job done.  However, if you dive in and don’t pep, you will get mixed results.  This is why you first want to get your windows wet with some type of soap solution and allow the soap to sit on your windows for a few minutes to break up the dirt.

Use a dry squeegee

When you attack your windows, you want to make sure that you are using a dry squeegee.  This means that every time you touch your window with the squeegee you want to take a dry rag and wipe away any dirt and water that may have collected.  If you are not wiping away the water on the squeegee you are just reapplying dirt back to your clean windows.

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Dry up the window still

Once you have completed your cleaning process make sure to wipe up any standing water.  If you allow to air dry, you could end up with dirt spots.